Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snappy Swagger - Baby Girl's Got Swagger!

Oh yes, I'm back to the blogging world!  And what better way to introduce you all to our sweet baby girl than with a review of a fun product that's helping us through this new world of teething.  DROOL BIBS!  

Thanks to Snappy Swagger, I received one Car Seat Canopy Blanket AND 3 Bandana Drool Bibs!  The Car Seat Canopy is made of a great patterned fabric on the outset and a fun & soft mink fabric on the inside.  If you're not familiar, mink fabric is quite soft and Maggie loved playing with it from underneath the cover.  The large buttons made it simple to install over the car seat carrier, and was a great barrier against this awful Pennsylvania winter and wind we're currently in the middle of.  

The drool bibs were better than I expected, with two sets of snaps to allow for a snug fit for both small babies and as they grow.  Maggie has recently begun the wonders of teething (I think), based on the amount of drooling and "hand in mouth" we're currently experiencing.  With three patterns, it also means Mom doesn't have to do laundry everyday - what a WIN WIN!  

I hope you'll consider buying a Car Seat Canopy Blanket with 3 Bandana Drool Bibs for yourself, or for a gift.  I know this will be on the top of my list for gift giving, as 2016 is looking to being quite a year of babies!  Want one for yourself:

I did receive these products at a discounted rate from Snappy Swagger for my use and review.