Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hershey's Spreads - You NEED this!

Yes, I titled this post 'You Need This'.  Seriously though, I was so sad when my CrowdTap shipment of Hershey's Spreads was lost in translation.  I was sure that with a shipment date of 12/18 and no delivery on January 2nd that I was doomed.  So imagine my excitement yesterday  when my Hershey's Spreads delivery arrived in the mailbox!

I did my duty as a good wife, and shared with my husband for snack time! We tried a variety if dips/dunkers (hello - remember dunkaroos!) with our Chocolate spreads! 

I have to say that this stuff was more than a little addicting.  Obviously the apples were a winner - and so were the almonds!  I wasn't sold on the kiwi - and I may have only had stale graham crackers, that was kind of a buzz kill.  

Fast forward to our return from vacation, and hubs made himself a pb and Hershey's Spreads chocolate sandwich for lunch.  Guess it's a keeper!  I did want to mention that I didn't see any in my stores until after the new year, but we've spotted it in two Giants and an Acme - so I know it can be found for you to try in SE Pennsylvania!