Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful - Day Three

Day Three

 Today I am thankful for my husband.  For his strength - both physical and emotional.  For his ability to make me laugh and smile, even when life brings me down.  For his patience, understanding, and compassion.   We have grown together beyond what I could have imagined in the last 8 years and this man just "gets" me.   See back to Number 1 for the crazy place I met him - my St. Patrick's Day lover ;)

When people tell me how lucky I am to have Kevin, I try to remember to say thank you instead of "I know".  I do know that I am lucky to have him, but I also think that it was necessary that I have Kevin.  See, when I picture myself going through the trials, devastation, and sadness of the last 4 years without him - I see myself literally crying on the floor.   I won't say that there has not been some on the floor crying, but having Kevin by my side to pick me up and dry my tears; that is what gets me through each day. 

Thank you Kevin, for every day and every moment with you.  Thank you for putting up with "in sickness and in health" more than I ever thought we would experience.  Thank you for being both my rock and testing my patience all the same.  Thank you for putting the pieces back together when I never thought I would be whole again.  Thank you for forgiving me when I spend our Eating Out budget on candy and toys for Boy Wonder.  Thank you for making dinner, cleaning the house, and paying the bills on days when I just can't do anything more than sit.  Thank you for loving me better than I ever knew I deserved. 

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