Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where I've Been?

Not that my little spot is the most popular place on the Internet, but I feel like after 28 days of radio silence you all deserved some sort of explanation.  I wish I had an exciting announcement, something fun to share with you all, but I don't.  

I've spent many evenings being thoughtful. About my soldier who is finally home, about my relationships with friends & family, and myself too.  There have been several days of working outside, working inside, and making strides in this little home of ours.  There have also been days of great sadness.  I had one of the most difficult days on the anniversary of my mommy's passing, and while I am thankful I had amazing family to spend the evening with, it was hard.  

There are a few blog posts waiting to be edited, and I hope that I'll be back with some kind of regular posting schedule soon.  For now, I hope you'll stick around to hear more about this little house and what is going on with our life this fall. 


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