Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prayers, Please

I have thought for weeks about what I could write that would have enough meaning for the situation at hand.   Some of you may remember that back in June, a friend's baby was diagnosed with a fatal defect known as Anencephaly. 

Yesterday, Holly delivered a beautiful baby boy named Cullen Joseph Tusing.  Experiencing the emotions, faith, and love yesterday was without a doubt one of the most meaningful days of my life.  I hope to post on the emotions and impact of the day soon, but for now - I'm asking for your prayers.  You see, Cullen's birthday was a day filled with support, love, friends, and family.  But I know firsthand how quickly that support can stop.  I understand as well as anyone that life is busy, we get caught up in day to day strife, and for YOU life will move on.  Today and everyday forward, the most I can hope for Holly is that she finds the support she needs and wants.  

Mommy & Cullen

Holly's and her friend Kelly have done an absolutely beautiful job of keeping the blog "Carrying Cullen" up to date throughout the journey.  If you would like to learn more about Cullen, the Tusings, and see an example of super-human emotional strength and faith - please visit

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where I've Been?

Not that my little spot is the most popular place on the Internet, but I feel like after 28 days of radio silence you all deserved some sort of explanation.  I wish I had an exciting announcement, something fun to share with you all, but I don't.  

I've spent many evenings being thoughtful. About my soldier who is finally home, about my relationships with friends & family, and myself too.  There have been several days of working outside, working inside, and making strides in this little home of ours.  There have also been days of great sadness.  I had one of the most difficult days on the anniversary of my mommy's passing, and while I am thankful I had amazing family to spend the evening with, it was hard.  

There are a few blog posts waiting to be edited, and I hope that I'll be back with some kind of regular posting schedule soon.  For now, I hope you'll stick around to hear more about this little house and what is going on with our life this fall.