Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hubby Turns 30!

Heck yes! My amazing husband turned 30 in July, and it was party time in the Gehman household! He didn't want some big crazy event, and after less than 6 weeks in our new house - I was in no shape to host.  So, the Phillies hosted for me! 

We pulled together about 20 family members and friends and had a Phillies Tailgate party.  It was a test of my sanity and coordination at times, but we had plenty of food, plenty of beer, and a great time! Blueberry muffins were the breakfast food of choice since this shindig kicked off about 9am with our carpool into the K Lot! We grilled dogs and burgers, had condiments, pasta salad, and birthday brownies! Yes, we even sang happy birthday and made the birthday boy blow out a candle! A keg from Victory was the way to go, and for those that know my husband it was no surprise! 

 While I love these people, I couldn't afford to pay for every one's tickets - so I provided food, booze, and games and tickets were their choice.  Some people chose to buy real seats, and about 12 of us did SRO (that's Standing Room Only for you non-diehards).  SRO provided some great photos, and I'm not going to lie - these are some of my favorite moments of the day! 
Would I do it again?  In a heart beat!

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