Friday, May 17, 2013

In a Friday Funk (House - Part One)

Wouldn't you think I'd have learned my lesson about getting my hopes up at this point?  Nope, guilty again of getting my hopes up and heart set on a house, only to have those hopes dashed.  Womp, here is Part 1 of our crazy house story, because I am hoping against all hope (yep, here I go again) that there will be a happy Part 2 to share someday soon. 

September 2009 - Hubs & I get married, leave our slightly ghetto apartment, and move in with a friend in a great townhouse. Living situation is amazing - Hubs is working & going to school, there is no outside maintenance, and I am in charge of cooking, cleaning, etc while still having another person to split the bills with. 

Summer 2011 - We think we are maybe, finally, ready to buy a house.  We've got basic areas nailed down, know what area we're focusing on - Downingtown and have saved more money than we thought we would!  It fits the bill of having a cute downtown area, is home to Victory Brewing, and less than 45 minutes from both sets of parents, while still being less than 30 mins to work! *timebomb* Mom gets sick, house buying is cancelled - there is no way we can shop for a house, move, heck do anything but focus on my Mom. 

November 2012 - Not loving the whole roommate situation so much anymore, really not loving the 70 minute drive to and from my dad's house several days a week.  Decide we'll make it through Thanksgiving and then hit house hunting with all we've got. 

December 1, 2012 - Come home early from a visit with friends because our dream house, in the dream neighborhood, perfect school district, and 35 mins from Dad is on the market - as a short sale - and even in our price range.  Okay, we'll figure out the short sale business, understand the basics about the time frame and the waiting process.  Time to prep an offer - even though this dream house has god awful carpet, a blue bathtub, shell shaped sink (say that 3 times fast), and some UGLY light fixtures. 

December 5, 2012 - Offer is owner accepted, happy dance! Except this is only the beginning.  From 12/5/12 to 4/1/13 (that would be 4 months) we responded to and wrote 219 emails, and bent over backwards to adhere to a 24 hour response time for everything the short sale bank requested.  

April 4, 2013 - Holy crap, we've got everything signed.  That giant PDF is the acknowledgement to our agreement of sale! Time to schedule (quickly) our inspections and chose a closing date that works for the 8 people that need to be there.  Inspections are scheduled within 8 days, we are comfortable with what we find, and are all in. Closing date set for (today) May 17, 2013 - the perfect house will be ours. 

dream backyard - fenced for the future puppy!
May 15, 2013 (7:30pm) - Our realtor calls, closing needs to be delayed because of "issues out of our control".  That's my polite way of saying - damn this bank, the sellers agent, and life. And now, we wait.  We wait to see if the sellers can hold-up their end of the deal, if the bank really wants to sell this house - or if they're going to sit on it until it falls into foreclosure. And we wait, with our house full of boxes - only 6 work outfits, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of pajamas in the mix.  Our dishes are packed, there is virtually no food in the house, and bathrooms are cleaner than they've been in months.  

I'll leave this the same way I called out to the Facebook world for help.  If you're the prayer type, could you please pray that this works out?  A house of our own, somewhere to make new (happy) family memories, is what my heart needs right now. 

P.S. - if you tell me that my Mom is looking out for me and that everything will work how it is supposed to, I might smack you.  Regardless if that is the truth, this Saturday (5/25) is her birthday and I had this crazy plan to plant a tree in her honor at our new house.  Cue, tears.

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