Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I just hit 'mark as read'

 I always catch-up with bloglovin' after a few crazy days and some minor OMG moments when my unread count reaches 800. But today and yesterday, I found myself hitting 'mark as read' because it hurt too much to read your posts. So many old you had lovely Mothers Day brunches and lunches and gifts from your kids. My Mother's Day breakfast was with Daddy and Hubs, and a little lonely. I bought Mommy a pretty orange flower and planted it at her grave. I told her how much I loved her still, smiled as hubs reminded me that even in death, moms grave is overlooking her own mother's - the one she always kept an eye on. Many friends called on Sunday, and similarly to how I wasn't ready to read your posts, I wasn't ready for their condolences either. This will hopefully be the hardest Mother's Day, but I can say I'm proud of myself for surviving and visiting some oh so lovely and special ladies. 

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  1. Sometimes we all have to hit the 'mark as read' button in Bloglovin' and in real life! I feel your pain with this post!


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