Thursday, May 2, 2013

Every Day in May - 2

Welcome to Day Two of the Every Day in May Link-Up! Today's prompt is "educate us on something you know alot about or are good at".  I'm feeling a little "braggy" writing about myself - did anyone else feel this way or am I just really awful at singing my own praises? 

I decided the thing I am best at is showing my affection and caring for others. I think this aspect of my life falls into three main categories - Deployment, Celebration, and Birthdays/Anniversaries.  

The one that requires the least amount of financial and time commitment is Birthdays/Anniversaries.  Following in my mom's footsteps, I keep my planner organized with the birthdays, anniversaries, etc of important friends and family members.  The first year I did this, it took a bit of organization (and a little Facebook stalking) - but now, a quite note when a new baby is born, or a friend gets married is all it takes.  I will admit that Dollar Store cards and the remainder of my collection of Christmas stamps are what I usually use.  But really, I try to focus on the fact that "it is the thought that counts". 

Celebrations are my second favorite way to show recognition to our friends and family! A well packaged bridal shower, wedding, or baby gift can go a long way.  Because of my work schedule, and family commitments, I miss more of these type of events than I would like to admit.  I do my best to stick to a fair budget for each shower, and a quality basket, ribbon, and well presented gift can create quite an impression.  I want the bride, or mother to be, to know that while I am so sorry to not be there in person, that I put all of my effort into purchasing, wrapping, and delivering/shipping the perfect gift for them. 

The last thing I pride myself on, is packing a quality deployment care package! I've got more than two years of experience with this one and have learned SO MUCH during that time.  Thanks to the wonders of the Dollar Tree, there is a "theme" for every month throughout the year! Even a twenty something man can embrace a March St. Patrick's Day box when it is full of silly green glasses, chocolate "gold coins", and Lucky Charms! Sometimes the little things are the most important in these boxes (like the celebration one above), moreso even than the expensive requests.  In Chris's case, these little items are tshirts, books, or food 
that Kevin and I will pick-up while we are on vacation, at Shady Maple, wherever.

Last Year's Easter Box - Peeps & Tastykakes on their way to Korea!  
My bff for all of the above packages - is my love of all things that the USPS can ship via a flat rate box and an International Customs Form. No top secret information here, but showing my love and continued support of friends and family is what I hope will be something I can always be remembered for.


  1. Sending cards seems like a lost art. And your deployment packages have to really lift some spirits. Way to go!

  2. Love your deployment packages! One of my goals for May is to send cards and notes to people. Everyone loves mail and it's so easy to do!


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