Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Day in May - 1

I'm jumping into this one just one day late.  Thanks to Jenni at Story of My Life for hosting what is already an incredibly popular link-up!  The prompt is "the story of your life in 250 words or less" . 

I will admit that I was hoping for something very easy to start and this prompt was quite a bit challenging. 

An unremarkable lifestyle was the basis for the first 18 years of my life.  I had an amazing mother, she was creative, fun, and loving.  My overly technical dad could make any dinner conversation require an encyclopedia and is the reason I love the chemistry in baking and learned to pole-vault thanks to physics.  I grew up with a bratty little brother who ate my Barbie shoes, colored on my NKOTB posters, and let me use him as a speed bump for our Jeep.

My college years were bookended by an awkward Freshman year and a drunk-ass Senior year.  There were some years there in the middle (two to be exact), where I met two of my best friends, somehow convinced a coach I was good enough for collegiate athletics, and kept my head above water enough to graduate with honors.  Maybe I should also admit that I graduated from IUP – also known to my father as I Usually Party.

(I about fell over typing this next sentence) I graduated from college SIX years ago, and somehow found a job for a small but amazing company where no less than four members of our Accounting Staff act like my mother on a daily/weekly basis.  My personal life has both flourished and crashed, with my marriage to Rockstar hubs, pride in my brother’s service to our country, and the loss of my mom.  Purchasing our new home, with the closing date just two weeks away is our newest adventure! 

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  1. Found you through the Challenge. Hope to follow along with you this month! Good first post


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