Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thank You(s)

There are so many people that have been an incredible support system for the last two years of my life.  I think that the support of family often goes un-thanked, because it is expected. The same goes for best friends, and while those are the people that never say no, they deserve to be thanked too. So, today is for you.  For thanking the people that may or may not even understand how much of an impact they've had on you.

My husband - When you signed up for this roller coaster ride, I'm sure you had no idea you would end up holding my hand during that life altering phone call on day one of our honeymoon. You have been the strongest man through so many storms and there are not words for how grateful I am that we found each other. Always there with a hug, a forehead kiss, and a beer - you know me like no one else.

Best Friend - Not everyone would take a spontaneous day off work to spend hours in the car and hours in a hospital room, but those are moments I will always treasure.  I never dreamed that the girl I met in 5th grade would be the one that helps me know myself, understand when it is okay to let go, and be my TTAAB forever best friend.  The happiness I feel when thinking about your little girl's arrival has gotten me through many a tough day, and for that, thank you.

My Uncles & Cousins - To say that my mom was blessed with an amazing family is a serious understatement of just how amazing this crew is.  This crew of three men and a beautiful lady are guaranteed to be a good time, no matter the time of day, location, or spontaneity of the gathering.  I could not ask for better people to remind me of the silly memories, the farm days, farm shows, and times spent together.  You are an incredible part of the reason Deb's memory lives on, and I hope you know that you mean the world to me. My dad's brother, his wife, and their kids are an absolute party as well - and I would not have survived this Chester County madness without their love, air mattresses, and booze!

Ladies Night - The group of ladies my Mom spent her Thursday nights with ebbed and flowed throughout the last 20/30 years.  The group would grow and shrink, dates changed, kids drug along, but they never lost touch.  There are more than 20 women that I could now call at the drop of a hat and ask for any favor, no matter how big of small - and these ladies would say yes.  I can only hope to have a group like you in the future, but for now - I'll keep the ones I've got, my many many moms, and the lessons you've taught me.

Internet Laughs -  Thank you to Kaela and AP for being two of the most different people, and two of my favorite "go to ladies" for laughs when I need a smile. The sh*t these two ladies get into never ceases to amaze me! 

There are a whole bunch of people that aren't mentioned here, some because the list got too long to individually thank people, and some because they let me down when times got tough.  For me, that was one of the most difficult lessons to learn through the last 2 years, that some people are not who you thought they were.  Life lessons have been learned from those moments, and I will remember those painful memories in the back of my mind, as they are overwhelmed by the positive ones.


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  1. Aww Jess!! :) I'm so glad I saw this! You are BY FAR WITHOUT A DOUBT my FAVORITE person that I've met through this crazy blogging nonsense we got into! But like seriously, after we both are settled in our new places can we all like DEVOUR some serious cocktails at Harvest? Hashtag - needs to happen now!


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