Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apologies, Catching Up, Heyo!

Womp, least successful blogger of 2013 goes to this girl? 

The good news is, I have lots of exciting news and photos to share and have 27 blog posts in my drafts! Never mind that 26 out of those 27 still need to be proofread and none of the photos have captions - a girl can't be perfect, right? 

Here is what you have to get excited for. Please forgive that you've seen most of these on Instagram, I just told you (^) that none of these posts have been edited and photos have no captions. 

Right, so come back on Monday when I'll have the first of many ridiculous posts to catch up on life and insanity! Or just find me on Instagram/Twitter since I have am way better at stream of conscious than putting coherent thoughts together.

Love, Jess

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