Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day (2005 - 2013)

St. Patrick's Day is our favorite holiday around this house.  Why? Because 8 years ago I met my husband on St. Patrick's Day.  I won't say that every St. Patrick's Day has always been fun and games - but some of them have sure been memorable. 

2005 - The one and only Wednesday I went out in college.  Track made being hungover on a Thursday quite problematic. Although, that 8am History class didn't help that situation either.  Anyway, roommate M drags me to a party thrown by some dude clear on the other side of the world (aka a 20 minute walk - which in March in Western PA is cold as hell). I wore a borrowed sweater, it was white, and these crazy green jeans.  Drunk-fest 2008 included beer, kamikaze shots, and too many people.  I can't remember if the beer was green or not, it didn't matter much at the time, I got a free cup and there was a keg. A bunch of dancing, and two dumped beers later, I had a wet sweater, Kevin took off his shirt, and the rest is history.  Kidding - we exchanged AIM screen names, and moved on.  (I'll tell this whole story sometime later if anyone is interested). 

The date stamp on my camera was wrong - this is 2005, about 2 weeks after we met.  The photos from this night are hysterical, but I won't embarras everyone else by posting their drunken faces. P.S. how young do we look! (I'm only 20 and Kevin is 22). 
2006 - We were barely "official" by this point, but Kev already had plans for Spring break, which overlapped with SPD.  A week long vacation in Orlando, FL didn't stop him from getting wasted on SPD and almost missing his flight.  I drank with my dad - he drank me under the table and I was hungover for 2 days.  

2007 - My senior year of college - We woke up at my parent's house, cleaned off the cars, and drove to the bar at 8 (9?)am.  Whoever decided car bombs were a good idea that early in the morning is crazy, btw.  Two car bombs was more than enough for me - and we went home for a few hours of food and carb loading before booze round two.  I heart Trooper's and after the morning round at the bar - was all about the $1 Killians Red. Love spending Spring Break with KG and in our home town - even better! 

2008 - Kevin's senior year of college - I really don't remember.  I remember Spring Break, but not SPD.  Guess it wasn't incredibly memorable? 

2009 - Hello West Chester, PA - This was the year Kevin and I decided to go out in a college town for SPD to the bar & everything.  Thank god this was the only year we decided this was a good idea, because it was a terrible idea.  The bars were packed, cover charges were outrageous, and some dumb ass (me) decided it was easier to freeze than take a jacket. 

2012 - Grown-up SPD - Last year was great, relatively low key, and the most mature SPD yet.  I made corned beef, roasted cabbage, potatoes, and Irish soda bread.  Whatever convinced me to do all of the decorating myself and bake/cook from scratch was obviously a great idea, but exhausting.  The weather was beautiful, we played beer pong on the back porch, and Kevin wore a ridiculous Guinness hat.  Sorry neighbors. 

2013 - TBD - Looks like this year will be pretty casual, giving that SPD is on a Sunday.  Kevin is off on Monday, so he may be responsible for drinking enough for both of us.  I think he can handle it - but it won't be nearly as fun as SPD 2005. 

*whew* I can't believe I've known this crazy man for 8 years already. Thank you roommate M and Katie K for helping me meet this man and for making SPD my favorite holiday. 

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