Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Resolutions in Motion - Valentines Week!

Well Happy Tuesday Ladies & Gents! Time for a Resolutions in Motion Update -

Last week is a bit of a blur, as tonight (Monday night) is the end of my 8th day of an 11 day stretch with no days off.  I am terribly cranky when I work so many days in a row, and I am absolutely falling into that trap.  

However - I am going to give myself an A Plus for last week's Resolutions! I was productive around the house & made some definitive decisions regarding my personal life. I even had fun over the weekend - regardless of the fact that I was Manager on Duty!  I guess that's what prioritizing will do to you, right?  One of my very best friends was home from Texas for the weekend, AND it was her dad's 60th birthday! So, I worked a 9 hour day Saturday - and then left and enjoyed the party! And Sunday, I worked a short day (I know, miracle - right?!) and hung out with friends in the afternoon. I can proudly say this was the most relaxing/enjoyment I've had during a work weekend in a very long time.  Making memories with these friends is definitely something that needs to continue - and making myself a priority is awesome too! 

I wish I could say we've made some progress on the house front - which is part of my organizational/spend more time at home goal - but no one wants to sell us a house. That is being slightly dramatic, but seriously people - Sell me your house in Chester County, mkay?! I have a fun post coming up later this week with my 4 "must haves" that is sort of serious, sort of cheeky since really all my must haves are very reasonable and that list is a little more fun. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I wish I could help you out- I'm trying to SELL my house! Great job on your goals!


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