Friday, February 1, 2013

Happies & Crappies

I've tried the paragraph thing but I hate to tell all of you, I am a list girl.  I have a Type A personality, am overly organized, & make agendas for cleaning the house.  So, this week's happies somehow outweigh the crappies and I am beyond excited for that! 

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  • I got to send the first "test letter" to our soldier.  Really I got to write him a silly letter about nothing important and now I wait until he Facebooks me that he received it.  Fingers crossed it takes less than 3 weeks because then my next job will be packing a box full of fun - and that is the part I look forward to! Baking, Dollar store shopping, and writing a cute note that he probably never reads. Oh, and toilet paper - because the shit the US Army provides is not so awesome. 
  • Hubby is spending time with the boys on Saturday and I get to have a spa day! I have a gift certificate for Tuscany Sun & Spa and am so excited to spend some time just for me. Except none of my friends want to join me, is that a problem? 
  • Tonight after a shitty & long day at work, I found Wilbur buds in the pantry.  That could counteract any bad day. 

  • I am convinced the people from *insert stupid bank name here* are enjoying losing money on the house we are interested in buying.  It's only been 55 days since we made our offer, no big deal. 
  • I lost my Kindle charger. In my house, this is a serious problem. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Any picks for the Super Bowl?  I'll admit that while I understand football, I am a collegiate (not professional) fan.  So on Sunday, I'll stick to beer and snacks and probably chose the purple team because I might as well be 7 years old. 

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