Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting to Know Me

Thanks to joining some blog hops, and I hope hopefully thanks to the fact that I am blogging more often - I am up to 21 GFC readers! Hey Peeps! I decided since most of you are new to the blog that I would do a cheesy "getting to know you" post ala the ABC's (A to Z Challenge) that you have likely seen floating around the blog-o-sphere. So, here goes nothing! 

A-Age: 27 (If you ask my brother in law, that’s middle-aged, Ha!)

B-Bed Size:  Queen

C-Chore You Hate: Dishes! I will clean a bathroom, the floor, do laundry, and cook for days.  Just please don’t make me wash the dishes. 

 D-Dogs: I’ve only ever had one, his name is Enzo and he is a rockstar! Enzo lives at home with my parents my dad and they’re bachelor men together.

E-Essential Start to Your Day: Coffee and Light & Fit

F-Favorite Color: Usually Green – I take after my Mom that way. It used to be purple, but what 5 – 10 year old girl’s favorite color isn’t purple, right?!

G-Gold or Silver: White Gold

H-Height: 5’5” says PennDot

I-Instruments You Play: Nada.  Unless you count the recorder, because doesn’t everyone learn how to play one of those in elementary school? 

J-Job Title: General Manager (aka sales, maintenance, front desk, breakfast, etc)

K-Kids:  One adorable god daughter 

 L-Live: With Kev, about 40 minutes from Phillay! 

M-Married: Since September 5th, 2009

N-Nicknames: Tuttie (thanks to the parentals for that one)

O-Overnight Hospital Stays: Miraculously, none! 

P-Pet Peeves: Terrible drivers.  Not so much the slow old lady driving in the left lane, but the people who are disrespectful, do not follow general driving courtesies. Arg. 

Q-Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible!” – Audrey Hepburn

R-Righty or Lefty: Right as Rain

S-Siblings: Little Brother – that’s my Army guy! 

T-Time You Wake Up: Weekdays – between 5:45 and 6.  Weekends - never
U-University You Attended: Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Also known as IUP, or if you are my dad and spend too much time “Googling” – I Usually Party. 

V-Vegetables You Dislike:  Not a huge fan of lima beans.  Just about anything else is fair game (see previous posts re: CSA and strange vegetables they send home with us)
CSA Share - Summer 2011?
  W-What Makes You Run Late? Other than my dad, my unruly hair.
X-X-rays You Have Had: between 8 and 10 is my best guess, I think there were several the summer I tanked my ankle pole vaulting, a few on my knee before surgery, and some other ankles and wrists thrown in there? Oh, and my back in junior high. Maybe closer to 10?

Y-Yummy Food: I love stews and long slow meat dishes like Beef Bourguignon or Beef Stew! Yummy winter comfort foods!

Zoo Animal Favorite? This is 100% inappropriate, so I apologize in advance.  New favorite is the Rhinos because Kevin and I saw them “having fun” the last time we went to the zoo with friends.  It makes for great jokes now, and is a zoo memory we won’t soon forget! 
From the Pgh Zoo/Aquarium

  Did this spark any other exciting or interesting questions for you? Did you learn anything new about me? 

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