Friday, February 22, 2013

Driving to Work - Brandywine Valley

On Monday, I had to make several trips up and down Route 1 - I came to work, drove back down past Longwood for a meeting, drove back to work, and then drove home again.  While making my 4 trips up and down the same 7 mile stretch I realized how lucky I am to have such a great drive everyday.  I know lots of people that spent their commute on I-95, or stuck on 202 or the Blue Route.  So - as taken from my car window, at some traffic lights, and a quick U-turn, here is my daily commute and a little bit about some of my favorite Brandywine Valley attractions! 

In the summer, fall, and spring - I love this hill coming out of Chadds Ford.  There is a great line of sight and the trees are beautiful.  During the winter, this hill is the worst part of my drive as I have to come down it in the mornings when there is ice and snow, and then come back up it (often behind trucks and idiot drivers) in the evening.  I guess each drive has good points and bad points, and this hill connects the town of Chadds Ford with Kennett Square, and is a necessary evil in the Brandywine Valley.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Longwood Gardens.   This is one of the only attractions that I havev been visiting long before I moved to the area - and whether it is the Orchid show in the spring, Lights at Longwood in the winter/holiday season, or the Bruno show with solar lights during the Summer of 2012 - this organization knows how to amaze all types of people, age groups, and continue to provide amazing services and beauty.  Yes, this is my favorite attraction and my season pass is one of the most used items in my wallet!

 Hank's Place....
Hank's is cute and tiny, Zagat rated, and cash only.  Their "catch phrase" is - Where Hungry People Eat, And Friendly People Meet! (Love It) The winter is not the best time to take a photo of Hank's, but you can check out their outside decorations here. For us, this is a nice weather restaurant almost exclusively because you often need to wait outside and I am not that tough in January! Breakfast foods can't be beat, I've never finished a whole portion, and their daily specials are yummy!

Next up - Chadds Ford Winery.  I don't love their wine to be honest, I'm a bit of a wine snob.  But, they do great events and are part of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail that gets quite a bit of action on the weekends and during the summer. I haven't been lucky enough to attend a wedding here, but I've seen the tents set-up and have heard really great things from some that were lucky enough to attend.

This Herr's truck made me smile when it pulled up alongside me - Herr's manufactures chips in Toughkenamon (a little further down Route 1) and is my favorite chip! Yum!The assortment of flavors and the price can't be beat - only to be topped by the Christmas Display that the Herr's family puts on each year (check it out here). A family owned and operated business since 1946 gives this company a special place in my heart and you can read more about Jim, James, and Ed. Oh - and they even offer tours! I can't get enough of their Honey BBQ Chips, and around the holidays they make CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATO CHIPS - oh my gosh, buy me a treadmill they are so good. Kay, done talking about potato chips now.  Love, addicted to Herr's.

Please feel free to ask questions - I love living in this area, and when we move (someday), I know these things will continue to bring me back to Route 1 on a regular basis!

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