Monday, January 14, 2013

Thanksgiving (belated)

Yep, while everyone else is catching up on Christmas and New Years, I'm going all the way back to Thanksgiving.  Mostly because there is a funny story! 

Grammy (my dad's mom), has always had a turkey butter at Thanksgiving, a tree butter at Christmas, and a lamb butter at Easter.  I know for many of you this is going to sound completely foreign, but I promise they exist, are cute, and are a holiday staple.  Two years ago when my grandmother was sick, it became my job to find the butters.  Sometimes I luck out at the first stop, and other times I'll be at 4 or 5 grocery stores before I find them.  Thankfully Giant seems to have a good relationship with Kellers (who makes them) and I can usually stock up at one of the three Giants near work and home.  Yes, stock up - because this year, I hosted little Thanksgiving at my house on Thanksgiving day (which required 1) and then we had "Delegated Thanksgiving" on the Saturday afterwards for 20ish people (which required 2). 

Now, in addition to have the butters at the holiday dinner, there is also a tradition at Thanksgiving and Easter which involves beheading the poor animal.  Ugh, I know, we're a little weird.  Christopher was at my house on Thanksgiving day, so he got the honor of beheading our little turkey friend. 

Thanksgiving Day in general was very casual - just 5 of us (me and 4 men), and we all ate at my little dining room table.  This may be the first time ever that I've eaten Thanksgiving lunch, that was seriously served at 1pm.  Thanks to several 3 - 11 shifts, this was the only time that worked for everyone, and while it did involve a very early start to the holiday, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I apologize for the terrible picture of our Thanksgiving table, but in my rush to get everyone fed and off to work, photos took a back seat to eating! Oh, this also reminds me that I need to do a post about this little chicken (far left of photo).  A very generous blogger sent him to me ALL THE WAY FROM ITALY months and months ago, and he has taken up residence on my stove ever since! 
 Don't worry, I'll be sure and remind you before Easter to head out and find your little lamb - people will think you are either awesome or crazy, depending on the family.

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  1. I had never heard of this type of butter. I SO want to find some for every holiday. My family would get a kick out of it.


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