Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, this phone...

I finally joined the current century in December when hubby bought me an iPhone! Yay? 

I was really quite happy with my little Blackberry, and my "fancy flip fone" had lasted me for 3 years before I got the smarty phone. So, I wasn't such a super fan of spending more money when my Blackberry worked just fine.  Imagine my surprise when an entire glass of water was spilled on my phone at a Christmas Party (cough cough Andrew cough cough) and seriously jacked up it's functionality.  After the water incident, my phone would spontaneously play video clips and/or not charge. 

^^^^that^^^^ was my overly wordy way of saying - my Blackberry worked just fine before getting a bath, and then it started acting ridiculous. 

Kevin took that chance to upgrade my phone. So, now I have an iPhone with an ugly purple and yellow case.  It's not doing much for me and is in need of a serious upgrade.  So, if money was no object - which one of the following would you chose? Or do you have a better suggestion? I'm open to suggestions! 

$41 from Zazzle 
$3.85 from ESaleDeal
$24 from CafePress
$40 from Zazzle

So... Thoughts?! This ugly case has 

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  1. Here are ones I love:

    Look on Etsy!!! :D


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