Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Resolutions in Motion - Week One

I survived week one of Resolutions in Motion.  If I had to grade myself, I'd guesstimate that I ended the week around a C+.  I was very proud of myself for keeping track of the hours that I worked, which did help hold myself accountable.  

I realized how demanding some of my clients can be, but am trying to acknowledge that just because the phone continues to ring after 6pm does not mean that I need to answer it.  Even though Kevin is not home in the evening, I still need to go home and have some time to myself. That being said, I still failed with flying colors yesterday when I not only worked more than my 10 hour goal, I worked 12 hours.  Yep, at work from 7am to 7pm.  Thankfully there were leftovers in the fridge, so I at least ate a healthy dinner and not my usual cereal or scrambled eggs. 

7 day work week and 70 hours worked still balances out to 10 hour days, but only because there were two "short days" (aka 8 hour days) in there. Continuing to work towards this for next week, although I have Thursday off and don't work this weekend either! So, really I only have T, W, F, M to stick to my 10 hour goal! ::herewego::

Also, I wanted to give a bit shout out to my internet-gf Kaela (Twenty Something Dating) who has been on quite a roller coaster this last week and is seriously coming out on top! So, go visit and give her some comment love, pretty please? Or you can check out her spontaneous and Flyer loving self on the Twitter-verse @justkaela

Oh, one more non RiM thing.  If you could all please keep your fingers crossed for little brother, I would appreciate it.  It is possible that he will get to come home and see our friends and family this weekend before deployment, but there are no guarantees.  Otherwise, only 4 of us will be able to go North and see him, and I'd hate for him to not see everyone before he leaves.  We find out tonight (Tuesday), and as usual the nerves are high. Thanks! 

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  1. Not answering the phone after 6 is a great plan. People shouldn't expect you to be on call all the time, and they shouldn't be surprised to get voicemail that late in the day!


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