Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Resolutions in Motion - Week 2 (Co-Hosting)

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Resolutions In Motion GFC Hop! Link up your blog below, hop around and check out some new blogs, and cheer our participants on with their resolutions!

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My update for the week:   After working the previous weekend, I got a comp day last week, and had the opportunity to take Thursday off.  Most comp days are spent cleaning the house, grocery shopping, catching up on all the things I missed while working all weekend.  This comp day was much more fun! I got to have lunch with my grandfather, mother in law, and Kev's grandmother and Aunt.  We had lots of fun at lunch and had a great tour of the life care community that my grandfather lives in.  (If you follow me on Twitter, this is the live-tweet insanity that was going on last Thursday). I only had to go back to work on Friday, and then had Saturday and Sunday off as well.  I was off all weekend and only got one super quick phone call! HOORAY! My hours last week (ie; Wed & Fri) were a little longer than I would have preferred (11 hour days both days), but I kept it to less than 12 which is better than I can say for the previous week! I get to work Monday - Friday this week, which is a bit of a treat for me.  Goals for this week are the same as the rest of this 6 week challenge - keep to 10 hour days, and ignore the email while at home (since I can't ignore the phone calls). Monday was about 10 1/2 hours, but 1 hour of that was shoveling and salting the sidewalks so I'll call that extenuating circumstances (ha)!

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  1. Hi Jessica- Happy to be a new reader here through the resolutions link up.

  2. Happy to have found you thru the hop! Looking forward to following your blog!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog


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