Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions in Motion: Round 2

I'm excited to join up with Covered in Grace for Resolutions in Motion: Round 2 starting today! You can check out Brooke's site for more details on the program but I am hoping this will kick me in the butt to get something started and finished in 6 weeks.  

I chose one singular goal for this 6 week stint, and that is finding balance between work and home.  I've given myself some specific goals, and those are listed below: 
  1. Keep track of the hours I spend at work, what time I get in and what time I leave for home. 
  2. Set reasonable goals for myself to achieve at home - (ie: vacuuming once a week since twice a week is unrealistic and probably unnecessary). 
  3. Take time for myself (un-plugged) each day.  Whatever those 5 minutes are, they need to be solely about me. 
It is easy to get wrapped up in work since there isn't anyone go come home to.  I know that this isn't healthy for me.  I know it also isn't healthy for Kevin since he worries.  If I can achieve my goal of finding some type of balance, my ultimate goal is to be happier at work with some more realistic expectations of myself.  To also find a better balance at home, I hope to be more comfortable with the level of cleanliness I maintain and the things that I can serve myself and Kevin at home. 

Yes, I can have fun. When I finally leave work behind.
 Sounds reasonable enough right?  First week's mission is to not work more than 10 hours on any one day.  I failed epicly at that one on Monday (and if I'm being honest, Tuesday too). So, let's see if I can keep my 10 hour rule in place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! ::leggo::    

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  1. Good goal to have- you don't want to work too hard! Good luck and thanks for linking up!


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