Friday, January 11, 2013

Ornament Swap

In December, I signed up for an ornament swap with Laura, from Luckiest in Love.  I was so excited to get a partner, read up on a new blog, and send something awesome in the mail! 

That was, until my package came back to me via the USPS and looked like it had been through  Jurassic Park.  I should have taken pictures, but I was so sad looking at the mangled box that I threw it in the trash.  Then I went shopping at Anthropologie to make up for the extreme late-ness of Bonnie's second box and bought her the ornament you see below! Yay it was so cute - I bought one for my tree too! 

Bonnie is from Texas, you can check out her blog at Life With You 1222 and see what she is up to! I got an adorable sled ornament that jingled whenever I brushed past our tree, it made me smile and made the husband a little nuts (so it was all good!). 
 I'm excited to see what other swaps I can get myself into this year - they've been a great opportunity to meet new people, and while this post may be very late (like 30 days late), I still wanted Laura and Bonnie to know how much fun I had! 

Thanks ladies :)

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