Friday, January 25, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Excited to post more happies this week than I did last week - yay! For those of you new to the link-up, the goal is to focus on both the good and bad things from during the week. For me personally, this link-up combined with my Resolutions in Motion goal to get a handle on my work-life balance seems like a great way to start off 2013!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Happies for this week
  • Kevin and I are at more than 80% of our goal for the Fight For Air Climb.  That means we have raised more than $800!!! HOLY CRAP.
  • I got to have drinks with my Internet bff Kaela last night to celebrate her new job.  Added bonus, I got to meet her new man-friend (NOT BOYFRIEND :D)
  • I am off this weekend and husband and I have absolutely nothing planned.  Well, since I originally wrote this yesterday we've added possibly helping a friend move, fundraising insanity, and dinner with a friend.  BUT - those are all things that we want to do, and only one of them involves taking a shower and getting dressed-up.  In our world, that is still nothing to do.
Crappy for this week
  • Little brother deployed to Afghanistan this week.  Even all of my happies can't counteract this crappy.  I'm more than a little sad and missing him already and we're only 24 hours and 7 minutes without cell phone contact.  I have a feeling this could be a trying year for us, but fingers crossed he gets access to the interwebs soon and I can see/hear his smiling face!  

This link-up is hosted by Stephanie, Sarah, Neely, and Sar and I can't wait to see what their own "happies and crappies" are for this week (Or, whenever Stephanie's blog decides to cooperate)! 

Come on, you know you want to share your own with us too!


  1. I am so sad for you that your brother left! I am crossing my fingers for you that he gets access to the interwebs too!!

    I linked up too - check out my post today!

  2. nice happies...hope your brother stays safe,serving out country is something amazing!!!

  3. I will be praying for your brother.

  4. Congratulations on having reached 80%+ of your goal! Yay you!!!
    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. That is awesome that you have reached so much of your goal! Way to go! Your brother will be in my prayers that he stays safe. Stopping by from the link up.


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