Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Birchbox (belated)

December Birchbox wasn’t my favorite, which was a little disappointing.  I guess I expected the month of “caring and sharing” to really knock my socks off.  Maybe that’s why I was so late in getting this posted? Or that I lost the box in the mayhem of gift wrapping and couldn’t find the rest of the products to finish trying them.  Yeah, not the last one ::promise::

The product I liked the most was the Emily’s Chocolate Fortune Cookie.  Okay, that was my Instant Gratification product because I ate it about 7 seconds after opening the box.

The Keratese Thermique treatment was a great find though.  I only used about a third of the product in the packet each time, so the two packets lasted me more than two weeks! My hair was nice and shiny and didn’t seem to get that winter fly-away look going on.  The $39 price tag might be a little steep for me, but I have some points to cash in and this might be my next purchase! If I use it all winter with the same results, I’ll be broadcasting this one.

Last item I am even going to talk about is theBalm – Mary Lou Manizer.  The first three days I wore this, at least two members of my staff told me how good I looked.  I wouldn’t care if this cost $100, that may great compliments are worth it.  Already purchased this one, and the full size even gets valued space in my travel bag!

Synposis of December:

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  1. i've always been hesitant on getting these subscriptions, but it really is a good way to try out new products. i'm intrigued with that lip balm- that's awesome that it worked so well that you got compliments!


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