Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Climb to Glory"

For those of you that don’t spend your days stalking the Fort Drum Facebook Page (aka anyone other than me) that is the motto of 10th Mtn. And for the next 7 weeks, I’m using it as my motto for the Fight for Air Climb!

After spending last Wednesday evening with 20 other people climbing the 50 flights at Three Logan Square, I have been seriously revamping my training technique. Technically the 50 flights was only half of what K and I will be doing, but gave me a great barometer for where I need to improve and approx how long the 100 flights should take me. See, while this event is a fundraiser and not technically a race, you’d better believe hubs and I want to beat everyone. Team For Little Debbie is going to be passing people in the stairwells. Well, maybe not – that whole passing thing is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Anyway, end randomness and back to the topic at hand, training. Mr. Firefighter from KOP and Mr. Firefighter from NJ had awesome tips for me since they’ve both done this at least twice, and both have done it in full fire gear. Do you understand what that means – it’s 70lbs (at least) of gear. Yeah, go ahead and think about how crazy that is, then come back to me.

Okay, you back? My previous training routine looked like this –

After talking to “my firefighters” my new training routine looks like this –
Benefits of new training routine, my knees don’t hurt nearly as bad and I can do the stretching part and the low impact cardio (riding my bike inside) while watching trashy television and likely making the neighbors think I’m crazy. I am giving myself two full weeks of this routine and then am going to hit up my new favorite training place and see how fast my time is. New training location – the 7 story parking garage in West Chester (yes, I know this is weird, but it is the tallest building I can find to run up and down in). And yes, I am using the term “building” very loosely here. Anyone want to lend me a staircase in a taller building – let me know! Obviously my new training time won’t exactly balance out with doing the full 50 flights straight since I’ll have to take several breaks to come down the stairs, but its close enough for me. Then, I’ll still have 5 weeks to get myself into shape for the full 100 flights. There is no scientific method behind it, but I think I’ll do 80 flights as my maximum (kind of like how when you train for a marathon you only run 80% of the full distance). Sort of make sense?

That being said – is there anyone I can convince to join our little team and make it 3 people strong? If I can do it, you can do it! Minimum to raise is $100 and technically, rockstar hubby and I have already done that for you!

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