Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cosmo VoxBox - Courtesy of Influenster

I'll admit I signed up for Influenster having no idea what I was getting myself into, but the people of the 'Twitter-verse' seemed enthused and that was good enough for me! 

I could not have been more surprised to find out I had been chosen to get the Cosmo VoxBox for Fall 2012, and even more shocked when it arrived with a full size razor, spare cartridge, perfume, pens, and chocolate.  Wait, am I really getting this for free?! 

 I have used a Venus razor since college, but always stuck with the plain blue packaging (if it ain't broke, this girl isn't fixing it). I was very impressed with the Embrace cartridge though.  It has kept my legs smooth, and I don't get that awful sound when I half-dry shave my legs in a hurry.  You know the sound I mean - right?! 

I unfortunately have to say that I didn't really enjoy the perfume by Bath & Body Works, and I gave it away to a friend.  There was something about all of the different scents, and I felt confused by it.  That sounds ridiculous I know, but have you ever tried to explain a perfume in words? 

Do we really even need to discuss the chocolate? I received a full sized bar of Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape 2 weeks before Christmas.  That sucker was gone faster than I could wrap a t-shirt.  Well timed, and this bar has found its way into 3 Christmas stockings for Christmas Day. 

Last but not least - the Pilot FriXion Ball pens.  These things ERASE people - yes, a pen that actually erases the way you expect a pencil to. I received black and white and if I don't get the full 8 pack for Christmas, will be going out to buy the rest of these awesome colors! 

Now - off to find out how else I can increase my score on Influenster because I would love love love to receive more free goodies.  Come on, who doesn't love free stuff and fun mail, all at the same time! 

*Did you get the Cosmo VoxBox?  Leave me a link in the comments so I can read about your take!

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