Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Clutch - So Excited!

I was SO SO SO excited when I got an email from Heather at Saving Money Living Life telling me I won their giveaway with CoCoMis Unneccesary Necessities! The gorgeous bag they were giving away is the Zebra clutch you see below.  

 With how excited I was (see SO SO SO above), you'd think I couldn't have been more excited when it came in the mail, right?  Well, that'd be wrong.  I had no idea (hello genius, the dimensions are shown online) how large the clutch would be.  In addition to being a great pattern, a bright pop of color inside, it also is big enough to hold everything and anything you could need on a night out.  The bag is sewn together beautifully, and the clasp is secure enough that I was able to put my life in it, shake it around (fake dance around the living room) and everything was still intact at the end of my dance party. 

To give you an idea of size, this is a full sized jar of pasta sauce

 Yes, I seriously stood the bag up next to a jar of pasta sauce.  But to my credit, it was clean and unopened and I thought was a very straight forward item that most people would know the size of. (go ahead, you can laugh at me now). Bonus points are also given to Renee for the packaging.  I think there is something great to be said for an item that comes in fun, functional, and appropriate wrapping.  The pink and black accent was a great tie-in to the item inside and I am 100% sold on the items that Renee has to offer.  
  This particular clutch has an awesome story behind it.  I stole this from Renee's Etsy site, so please go read more for yourself here.  
 "My 15 year old daughter, Dominique, had the amazing opportunity to go to Nyeri, Kenya to work and play at Belwop Rescue Centre. It is a home for children that have been abandoned, orphaned and or abused. Veronica, known as Mum to all the beautiful children she takes in, gave up her job, sold what she had and made a home for the kids. You can learn more here" 

Please check out Renee at the sites below, and tell her Jessica sent you!


  1. Thanks for posting about this & congrats again on winning. :)

  2. I'm so glad you love your clutch and thank you for sharing the story behind the clutch. I had the honor of meeting Veronica face to face this weekend as she has had the opportunity to spend some time in the United States visiting her supporters. She is an amazing woman of Faith with an abundant supply of love.

    Thank you again for sharing!!

    <3 Renee'


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