Friday, November 30, 2012

::Big Favor:: For Little Debbie, My Mom

This page has 2,498 page views since I started blogging.  I'm sure 50% of those are me, before I figured out how to turn off my self views. However, that would mean that somehow there are 1,200 people that at some point have read what I have to say. Really, that is about 10x as many people as I would have expected. Go Me?

All joking aside, would you mind clicking through to the blog I created in honor of my Mom? I have some big plans for 2013, and while I know it is going to require much of my time and effort, this lady is worth all that and more.

Anyone you know that might be interested in doing a fundraiser, donation, or just encouraging words - please feel free to provide them my email address (Jessica dot Gehman at gmail dot com). I am so excited to continue the amazing life my Mom led, and hope many of you will join me for the next year!


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