Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anniversary Trip - New York Fingerlakes

First, let me say that I can't believe we have been married for 3 years.  When the heck did that happen? I really feel like it was not that long ago that I wore that big white dress, couldn't finish a beer without my underage brother swiping it, and filled a venue, a bus, and my hotel with friends and family. 

That being said, Kevin and I took a quick 2 day trip to the New York Fingerlakes for our Anniversary Weekend.  It is a nice feature to have 3 day weekends for most of our anniversaries (Labor Day) and I'm glad we took advantage of that again this year. 

We visited 5 wineries (listed below), and had drinks with my favorite college cousin who is attending Cornell.  A few of the wineries were packed, but it was a gorgeous weekend and we were more than happy to relax outside for a few minutes and wait for some crowds to dissipate.  The beautiful scenery as you drive along Cayuga Lake is just an added bonus, as you can see from a few drive-by pictures that I took. 

Out of the some wineries that are on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, we chose 5 to visit during our one-day run.  I would probably not suggest visiting more than 5 in one day, unless you pack a hearty lunch, snacks, and have several drivers/drinkers.  The five that Kevin and I enjoyed were: 
  1. Cobblestone Winery
  2. Goose Watch
  3. Knapp
  4. Sheldrake Point (any Dirty Dancing fans?)
  5. Swedish Hill 
My favorite things about the wine trail were that it was easy to navigate thanks to the map, directions, and most being along the main roads.  The second thing I enjoyed was how inexpensive most of the tastings were.  While $5 does add up eventually, we spent the entire day tasting and only spent $50 (plus the cost of wines we purchased), which was relatively inexpensive all things considered.  

The things I didn't like were that the wineries closed early (5pm for most), even on a busy Saturday.  That was tough, and left us without time to visit two on the end of the lake.  Another item to note is that you will likely need to pack sandwiches/picnic style if you chose to spend a full day.  Only two of the wineries that we saw offered food options, and those were quite limited.  

 I would absolutely go back, and hope to spend some time with my Cornell Cousin this spring and have an opportunity to tour a winery or four with her! 

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