Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mom: Goals for 2013

Beginning the process of organizing my parents house is exhausting to say the least.  Challenge #78493278 was helping my dad find the down comforter for his bed so he didn't freeze at night.  And I know that is only the beginning of the roller coaster we find ourselves on. I have been tasked with finishing Chris's wrestling scrapbook that Mom started to recount wrestling from k - 12, with emphasis on his kick-ass high school years.  This meant tackling Mom's "Sewing Room" this past weekend to gather supplies and bring them home with me. I won't lie, I cried going through those shelves, dressers, and her desk.  I also need to mention that if I use ALL of the materials that Mom saved, I will have 6 inch thick scrapbook. 

I'm excited to make this scrapbook for Chris because my Mom made an incredible one for me several years ago that recounts my own high school track career.  I cried when I opened it on Christmas day, and while I know Chris won't cry, my goal is to finish it for him before he deploys. 

Anywho.  That was a long winded way of getting to my point.  Which is - I found lots of photos, ticket stubs, and brochures from trips and attractions Mom and I had visited with friends and family.  I am instituting a goal for 2013 that each and every month I will do a Mom-inspired activity.  There are a few things that we never got to do together, including visiting Nemours Mansion and that is absolutely on the list. This is absolutely about me, and maintaining the traditions and learning experiences that Mom, Grammy Moyer, and Grammy Bookheimer instilled in me. 

I hope to finish my list in the next week so I can invite others to tag along.  I'd like to have one or two people go to each attraction/exhibit with me and as Mom always did, have lunch afterwards.  I hope this will be the beginning of traditions with my friends and family, and something that I will continue with my own children someday.  Mom led by great example, and my love of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Longwood Gardens is thanks to the wonderful ladies in my life. 3

Love my family
Off to research some of my favorite places and maybe find a few new ones as well.  Any suggestions?

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