Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mom: Goals for 2013 - Part 3

I think these 6 will round out my activities in Mom's memory for 2013.  It was harder than I thought to decide but I am excited to share these opportunities with our friends and family. 

7. Frisbee Golf - There must be a half dozen frisbees at Mom & Dad's house that all say Little Debbie on the back of them.  Mom may not have been as skilled as dad (heck, no one is), but she loved to throw frisbees in the backyard or frisbee golf at French Creek.  The course at French Creek isn't there anymore, so I'll have to find a quality alternative.  

8. Decorator Showhouse Tour - We first attended the Vassar Show House & Gardens the year I turned 11.  I know that Grammy Moyer, Mom, and Aunt Linda all went for a few years prior, but you had to be 12 in order to visit the house.  I was so excited when they fibbed a year and I could go along to tour the house and have lunch.  (side note: are we noticing a lunch trend here?). Vassar stopped hosting their house tours in 2008 or 2009, and I was so excited last year when the Oxford Arts Alliance hosted a house tour.  I've heard great things about the house tour that Bucks County hosts and hope to continue to get more information.  These tours are usually in May, and I can't wait! 

9. Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center - We have a wedding dress from my great grandmother to donate and I am excited to spend some time with my mom's brothers learning more about our family history.  

10. Gone With the Wind.  Mommy's favorite movie and a tradition we tried to maintain by watching once a year.  She was so excited when she found it on dvd since her VHS tapes had seen much much better days.  

11. Sewing - This may not seem like a group project, but I assure you, it will take an army to teach me how to sew as well as my mother.  I think a small counted cross stitch piece from Dimensions will be my first project.  I would like to have it properly mounted and framed in honor of mom. Maybe one like this? Mom usually did traditional pieces, so I think a sampler is in order! 

12. Make Her Proud - I know it is not a specific item, but Dad is going to have a tough 2013, and Christopher is deploying.  I hope to send Christopher off with enough fan fare to make him smile and to give me a few extra moments to spoil him.  Maybe I'll sub this out for a more specific goal later, but I'll stick with the 12 I've got for now. 

I Love You Mom, I'll keep your memory first in my mind always, and 2013 will be the year to honor you. 

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