Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mom: Goals for 2013 - Part 2

As I've been researching places to visit for my 2013 Goals, I have been trying to keep in mind the people I would like to join in these journeys with me.  I think my best friend will be a willing participant in most, and I am hoping to invite my Mom's "Ladies Night" group on several as well.

So far, keeping in mind we are going with attractions in driving distance, here is my list as of today:

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art - This is the numero uno on my list, and always due for a visit at least twice a year.  I know there are some great exhibits coming in 2013, including Double Portrait (about graphic design) and one featuring sculptures related to Malcom X.  This absolutely must include either brunch in the Granite Hill restaurant or lunch in the cafeteria. 

2. Nemours Mansion - Mom and I wanted to visit for many years, but with Nemours being closed for renovations from 2005 to late 2010, that provide problematic.  It recently reopened in 2011, but is one of my IOU cards from this past birthday.  Mom wrote that she owed me lunch and a tour at Nemours.  I think this will be a hard one to get through with dry eyes, but I am excited to finally go.

3. Longwood Gardens - I know I mentioned previously that I thought I might skip the lights this year, but I think after the holidays, in the beginning of January that a visit for the lights will be a positive thing.  My mom's cousin mentioned earlier this week that she would like to go, so I know there is one person on board.

4. Hiking at Ricketts Glen - Camping at Ricketts and spending a week there during the summer hiking, canoeing, and picking blueberries was one of my favorite vacations! With best friends J&K and god daughter Autumn living so close, I hope to be able to enjoy this goal several times next year.  Packing lunch to enjoy by the waterfalls and sneaking in a beer will be a must for this girl.

5. LiveStrong/Relay for Life Event - My best friend's mom is hugely active in our local Relay for Life (Go Team Dragonflies) and I am thinking that either participating in relay in June or participating in a local Livestrong event (or both) would be a great goal for Kevin and I to work towards together.  Add in some friends and family and I feel as though we could have a real impact financially for these organizations as well as a positive emotional impact on ourselves.

6. An American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Event - There aren't a lot in our area that I know of, but I think that completing Goal 5 as well as Goal 6 will help me have something to work towards physically while putting myself back together mentally. Specifically raising money for something so devastating to our family is very important to me.

I'm halfway to my goal, with 6 out of 12 decided.  I will need to think a little harder about the next 6, but they will all be Mom-Inspired and I am excited to see what next year brings!

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  1. Count me in on a few of these! Even if I need to take a week day off to fit your crazy schedule :)


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