Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Overdue: Stay-cation 2012

Long Overdue: The heading for posts I should have posted a long time ago, but either forgot to write, never downloaded photos, or just ran out of time. There will be several of these to come in the next few weeks.

Due to a general junky set of circumstances, we decided to stay in the area for our week of summer vacation this year.  The most exciting thing we did was spend 2 days in DC.  We purchased tickets to "Brew at the Zoo" at the National Zoo, visited Arlington, The Mall, several Smithsonian's, the Zoo, and Fort Myers. 

Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown are two of the most moving things I have ever seen, and having Christopher with us made those even more so.

The Korean Memorial is important to many people, but over 18 months became even more important to Christopher.  It was incredibly special, and something I won't forget.

Seeing Fort Myers from the perspective of a soldier is something we would never have had an opportunity to see otherwise.  Unfortunately, I was so immersed in the vehicles, horses, and soldiers that I took zero photos. Maybe someday I'll get a do-over and will be able to spend another day learning about the Old Guard and exactly what these men (and women) do.

Now, for Brew at the Zoo.  This was a really amazing fundraiser for the zoo, we were able to take the metro there and back, and got to drink some great beer.  I think that was a great opportunity, and the most fun I've had at a zoo in 10 years!

Any suggestions for our next trip to DC?

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  1. Dc is wonderful. I could spend a whole day just looking at the memorials, and wandering around the beautiful grounds. I think the Korean memorial is so haunting but very beautiful. I wanna go back to dc now! My next place I'd like to see is the National Archives.


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