Monday, August 20, 2012

Long Overdue: Light at Longwood Gardens

Long Overdue: The heading for posts I should have posted a long time ago, but either forgot to write, never downloaded photos, or just ran out of time. There will be several of these to come in the next few weeks.

Just after the 4th of July, I got invited to attend the exhibit Light by Bruce Munroat Longwood Gardens.  I've attended the Christmas at Longwood exhibit dozens of time, but to see Longwood in an entirely different manner was very exciting! I should note that the gardens are open late during this exhibit, and I was there from 8pm - 11pm and could have spent hours more.

I'm not going to share the entire thing, because I encourage everyone and anyone I know to attend themselves! (It's even man-friend friendly - note: they serve beer for during your walking visit).  The three best areas, in my opinion, were the Water Towers, the Forest of Light, and Waterlilies. 

Water Towers as shown below, one-liter recyclable plastic bottles filled with water, wood layers, and fiber optics that makes each of the tower change colors.

The Forest of Lights took me about 20 minutes to walk through, and was very peaceful.  The forest is completely dark with the exception of the lights you see below.  With varying shades of red, yellow, green, and blue, the colors are amazing against the dark sky. 

The last thing I found most interesting was the water lilies on the pond.  These apparently are cool to see during the day as well since the sun reflects on them.  In the evening, I was able to see a bit of the sunset reflection on the cds, but was most interested to see the composition of cds on water.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, I have been raving about it for weeks and am hoping to convince Kev to go with me soon! You'll need to buy timed tickets via Longwood's website and if you have time, I would suggest visiting Brandywine Prime or Brandywine Bistro for dinner beforehand.


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