Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life...Back on Track

I am well aware that anything including the words "Penn State" is a loaded subject at the moment.  However, I am a strong supporter of the Nittany Lions and think that the 10 men I've spoken about below are doing an amazing thing, in memory of a great athlete.

It's no shock to most of you that I am still pole vault obsessed, even 4 years after I stopped competing.  Vault Safe was my motto for most of my high school and then college career, after a horrible accident at the 2002 Big Ten Championships where a Penn State vaulter, Kevin Dare, was killed.  I sported a blue bracelet that said Vault Safe, and I know my own mom was thankful for that. While this terrible accident was exactly that, terrible - I am proud to follow- along with Life... Back on Track as they experience the journey of a lifetime in honor of Kevin.

This week, 10 cross country runners have begun their quest to set a world record for running 1000 miles.  Yes, that says 1000 miles - from the indoor track at University of Minnesota where Kevin was killed to the outdoor track in State College, Kevin's home track. 8 of these runners are Penn State alumni, and one is a fellow graduate of my high school, Nick Hilton. The current world record for a 1,000-mile relay is 99 hours 3 minutes and 27 seconds and is held by a marathon team from South Africa. 
The team - courtesy of

They are doing this to raise awareness, raise money for the Kevin  Dare Foundation, and support the Dare family.  The goal of the run is to raise $20,000 - enough for one full scholarship. Please follow as they blog on their website, tweet updates, mileage, and speeds, and if you have a few dollars, please donate as well. They are a funny group of guys (as it seems most xc runners are), and are dedicated like you wouldn't believe!

Thanks for taking the time to read my plea, and remember that we can all use a little support to get our own life... back on track.

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