Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am a Terrible Shopper

I think my mom missed the boat on the shopping gene, and then passed that lack of shopping enthusiasm on to me.  I do not necessarily hate shopping, but if I have 3 hours, you will find me curled up reading, never shopping.  I have a difficult enough time committing to a shirt when I can try it on and be sure it fits, so forget about any chance of shopping online.  Or, (this gets even worse) - I will go to the store, try on the shirt, and then not buy it because I can't commit to a $42 shirt from Banana.  So I'll come home, stalk the shirt for 6 weeks and then it'll go on sale.  And I'll be like, "oh, it's only $37 now, I should totally buy it".  And when I go to buy it, they'll only have it in XXXL. Fail.

I've had the same damn commitment problem with purchasing a piece of jewelry.  With the exception of a watch, and some super high quality (sarcasm) pieces from Clarie's, I've never bought myself jewelry.  Why would I, that is what grandmas and husbands are for! But, when my maternal grandmother passed away last year, she left some high quality but not our style jewelry behind.  Rather than keeping jewelry that wasn't going to be worn, we each kept one sentimental piece.  I chose/was given her wedding band by my grandfather, so that is my "aww Grammy" piece.  We then trucked the stock to a local jeweler and exchanged the quality gold for cash.  Now is where we get to the recent shopping issue: I had cash money to spend on a nice piece of jewelry for myself and couldn't commit (notice a theme here?)

Studs; Hoops; Necklace

Finally, yesterday, I committed.  I have been drooling over this pair of earrings from Blue Nile for 4 months now.  They weren't going to be put on clearance, and I hadn't found a store with anything I liked more for a better price.  So, they are on there way and should be here tomorrow.  I can't wait! I am excited to have a little bling to remember my Grammy by, and hope that I love them as much in person as I do online!
BlueNile - Grande Love Knot in White Gold
Fingers Crossed, and Drive Fast please Mr. Fed-Ex!

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