Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Birthday Gift 2012

I am willing to admit that this year, I received two amazing gifts for my birthday.  My mom always asks what your favorite gift, moment, holiday, vacation, etc was and this year, it was a super tough answer!

Husband bought me an amazing purse, thanks to the wonders of Pinterest.  I am not a flashy bag girl, but this one is awesome! It has a shoulder strap, but I haven't used that one yet since I think it looks a little odd. 

Aldo Revera
The second amazing gift is a year's subscription to Birchbox from my in-laws! Rockstar Sister In Law gave me the cute set-up you see below, as a "stand-in" until I recieved my first box at the end of July. 

The real first box I received is further below and my favorite sample in that box was the Stainiac lip stain.  It's a great pink color and has lasted me throughout an entire work day!

I am super excited to see what I receive throughout the year and hopefully find some new favorite products for myself, friends, & family throughout the year! If you have any interest in trying Birchbox for a year, a gift, or even just a month to month subscription, feel free to use my link HERE.  I will acknowledge up front that I do receive Birchbox Points if anything is purchased.

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