Friday, August 17, 2012

27 Going on 13 (Thanks Face)

Welcome to the world of my skin.  I won't list my eight hundred issues, complain about zits, or how my skin trashes my self confidence 27 - 30 days/month.  I'm begging for help and suggestions from anyone who has had success with issues similar to the two that most bother and affect me. 

I have tried a variety of products (most listed below) and all avenues of diagnosis and treatment from weekly dermatology visits, monthly Ulta appointments, and clearing the shelves at CVS. I understand it could be worse, and that this is a totally first world problem, but it's my skin and my confidence and my first world problem.

  1. Tiny bumps all over my cheeks and T-zone (not pimples, but little bumps, often red)
  2. Large under skin cysts that are painful and often take a week to develop into a giant zit and then a week to go away.  
  1. I wash my face every morning, post-work (to clean off the make-up). post work-out (4x/week), and before bed.  So, most days that is face washing 4x/day.
  2. Based on whatever regime I am following, I typically add in some sort of toner or astringent morning and night, plus sunscreen in the morning, and spot treat large zits at night.
Dermatology Solutions:
  1. Dermatologist Number 1 - I visited her for 2 years, and she used a variety of peels, microdermabrasion, blu-u light treatments, and MD Forte topical products.  This was thousands of dollars and the only improvement I saw was in the quality of my skin.  The skin not covered with tiny bumps and giant cysts looked great, but that was not the goal.
  2. Dermatologist Number 2 - This doctor used more straight forward oral antibiotics that negated the effectiveness of my birth control, and so I only took them for about 3 weeks.  Maybe a bad move on my part, but at the time a baby would have been way more inconvenient than some pimples.  We moved on to prescription acne treatments such as face wash with sulfur, clyndamycin, and Differin gel.  In the end I spent about $180/month for 4 months and saw no results. 
Ulta Solutions & Products:
  1. If they sell it at Ulta, I used it.  I saw minimal improvement with Murad, but this also made my skin very dry.  When I cut back on the usage to minimize the drying, the effectiveness dropped off considerably.
  2. Also used the Philosophy products for some time.  These smelled great, were easy to use, but not effective.
CVS, etc:
  1. Clean & Clear, Vichy, Proative, Neutrogena, Loreal, Clearasil - according to my receipts, I spent more than $500 at CVS last year.  Ouch.

FAVOR: If you have a routine that has been effective in clearing up obnoxious 27 year old acne, feel free to send it my way.  I typically try a new routine for at least 4 weeks before giving up, and am willing to try anything from holistic to Ulta to slapping lemon slices on my face.


  1. It almost sounds like a food allergy! I have psoriasis terribly and since I switched over to an almost gluten free (I still cheat once in a while) it has all but gone away. Which kills me cause I LOVE my! I took two weeks and took EVERYTHING out of my diet except whole foods and added things slowly back one by one until I figured out what was giving me joint pain and the skin was just an added benefit! I posted a bit about it
    On another side of it my sister is allergic to corn! It's amazing how what we eat can wreck our body.

    1. Thanks Tisha. I have read some general information but I'll have to check your post out! Thanks again :)


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