Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 days...

Yes, it really has been 30 days since I posted anything.  There are several reasons, including being busy, being insanely busy, and work being freaking busy.  But, the real reason that I haven't been blogging is because no one likes to read a whole bunch of words with no pictures (or at least I sure don't).  And this moron right here lost the cord to our camera.  Meaning, there are tons of photos on the camera, with no way to get them to the computer.  Lame, I know.  I finally admitted it wasn't in a duffel bag, at mom's house, or in the bin of "electronic whatnot" and purchased a new cord.  According to Fed-Ex, said cord was delivered to my front porch today at 8:17am.  (Note - does anyone else think the little puppy on the Fed-Ex Home Delivery truck is the cutest thing ever?)

With any luck, that means I can download photos of a bazillion things tonight, write blog posts while I am off work sitting around at Reading Hospital tomorrow, and be back to some sort of blogging regularity by Friday.  Ha, you know that isn't going to happen.  Really, I will start downloading photos tonight, be distracted by giving Kevin a haircut I've been promising him for 2 weeks, and drive home to Reading around 11pm.  Tomorrow I'll go with Mom to the hospital, the little baby song will play, and I'll spend the next hour showing her the photos of Autumn that I download tonight.

Anyway, the exciting things I hope to be blogging about in the upcoming weeks (aka catching up on the month of July) include hiking with a toddler, stay-cation, Brew at the Zoo, Kevin's birthday, my birthday, and learning to golf.  The last one might be the best story, although I won't know for sure until Saturday.  If nothing else, I'm going to keep track of the awkward things I say and do, and hopefully there will be some other awkwardness by my teachers (hubs, brother in law, sister in law) so I don't feel too lonely.

To tide you over, here is my new life motto:

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