Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A 4th Roomate?

Oh yes, for the love of pete, we're adding a 4th roomate.  As though our townhouse isn't cramped enough with two men and a crazy lady, we're adding a law student to the mix for the summer. 

Now, I have met said roomate once, and that was for approximately 10 minutes following the Pearl Jam concert in 2009.  So, I'm going to admit that perhaps my memory is not the greatest, but I think she was nice?

There really are very few issues with her moving in that directly affect me, since she won't be using my bathroom, my bedroom, or my garage (yes, the garage belongs to the Acura).  She will be living in the loft (we'll get there in a minute) and using A's bathroom. 

However, I feel the need to try and figure out where in the h-e-double hockey sticks we are going to park a 4th car.  There are already four 3-car townhouses in the development, and a very full cul-de-sac at the end of each day.  So, current solution for that one is to pray that we all beat the neighbors home. 

Completely selfish issue number two is food.  Now, hubs and I cook at least 6 nights a week when we are home, and A does the dishes 4 or 5 out of those 6 nights.  Night 7 usually involves eating out, leftovers, or cereal because I worked until 10pm.  How do we add a 4th person into the mix?  I don't even know if she cooks, likes spicy food, or eats green stuff.  Oh, the green stuff.  So, we've never asked A to pitch in for the Veggie CSA that we purchase, since it is primarily my interest and I eat about 50% of it, with the other 50% being split between the men, sharing with the neighbors, etc.  So, do I ask new girl to pitch-in for the CSA that we already purchased and paid for before we new she was coming?

Loft.  The loft has no door! We are asking a 24?25? year old girl to live in a bedroom with no door for the summer.  For Realz? The loft also has no curtains on the two skylights, no blinds on the 48" window, and no curtains on the 28" window.  It also features a disaster area of furniture.  Are you ready for it?
So, maybe it's more of a big deal than I'm letting it on to be.  But, she moves in on June 1, and I need to buy/make/fix curtains, curtain rods, blinds, and vacuum approximately 18,234,322 stinkbugs before then.  Oh, and politely accertain why the f*&k she is not paying rent.

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