Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beaver Stadium 5k for Special Olympics

Can I say that this is the first time I am honestly excited to run a race?  Yes, I fully understand that it is only a 5k, and not a marathon or anything crazy, but let's start small shall we?

The Beaver Stadium 5k is April 22nd, and benefits Special Olympics Pennsylvania.  Joe Paterno was a huge supporter of Special Olympics, and this year there are extra incentives for reaching financial levels associated with important events in Joe's career.  In addition to raising money for a great cause, you also get to finish on the 50 yard line of the football field! How awesome is that?! I am so excited to get to take Autumn on the field with us, since Josh, Kevin, and I are all running. 

So, here is yet another shameless plug for donations.  I am estatic to have already passed my original goal of raising $100, and am now hoping to reach the $239 level! The levels for "Team JoePa" are:
  • $62 – Team Paterno ‐ In honor of Joe’s 62 seasons at Penn State
  • $85 – Team Paterno Bronze – In honor of Joe’s years of life.
  • $239 – Team Paterno Silver – The number of Paterno players drafted into the NFL
  • $409 – Team Paterno Gold – In honor of Joe’s career wins – an NCAA coaching record
  • $548 – Team Paterno Platinum – In honor of Joe’s career games coached
My original goal was to beat Kevin in terms of the time I run, but he may have defeated that plan yesterday when he said he planned to run with me.  So, I guess I just need to have a better final kick than he does! Would you please consider even donating $5 to help Special Olympics PA this year?  That's one trip to Starbucks (:hint hint best friend:)!


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