Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Christmas Gift of 2011...

I absolutely need to take a better photograph of what Kevin and his brother in law got from my In-Laws for Christmas, but this one will suffice for the time being.  My father in law (and mother in law) deserve the award for greatest Christmas gift of 2011.  This is a completely hand made piece of art.  The idea whas loosely taken from a piece of art that they saw at Red Robin and thought the boys would love, and boy were they right!

We are someday trying to convince FIL that he needs to make these for a living, but we haven't quite motivated him yet, since he's not convinced that we can sell them, and they're a little price ($200) to make.  But, I had to share!

Red Robin Version with Baseballs

Father In Law's Amaaaaaazing Gift!