Monday, December 19, 2011

Go-To Gifts!

There are a few super-fun gifts that I stumpled upon this holiday season, and wanted to share.  Two of the items below I purchased knowing exactly who I would give them two.  The other two I purchased because they were awesome, but I wasn't sure who they would be for.  I think having a "grab and go" hostess and/or friend gift is a great asset during the holidays.  I personally don't want to show up to a party without a thank you gift, and someone always buys me a gift that I wasn't prepared to exchange for. So, want to see what I've got?

1. For the outdoor girl (or guy, I guess).  I have these gloves and they are my favorite for running, cycling, shoveling, you name it.  They're incredibly warm, even without liners, and I can still have some flexibility while cycling to change gears.  They did take some getting used to for cycling, but everything else they were perfect right off the bat!
image via

2. For the teeny-bopper.  Yes, I still consider the 16 year old a teeny bopper.  Why, you ask? Well because if she is still a teenie bopper, then I'm not old yet - right? Got it, good. I bought her a blinged out watch, because who doesn't love something shiny!

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XOXO Rhinestone Watch
3. Anthropologie Nostalgia Jar Candles - These were just the cutest thing in the store, and were one of the items I bought with no real destination in mind.  I am so glad I did though, as I was able to split up the set of 4 and gift two candles, each with some tea, and a good book to two friends.  It was a great way to give a "relaxing" gift, without breaking the bank! However, I may need to go back and buy a set for myself now too.
image via Anthropologie
Nostalgia Jar Candles
4. My favorite cookbook.  I adore Alton Brown, and I got this cookbook for Christmas last year and decided to pass on the awesomeness to someone else! I very much enjoy the technical exact science of cooking, while also enjoying the flexibility of some recipes.  This is obviously more the exact science, but I received such an education on so many things while reading this and cooking from it.
image via
The Good Eats 2: The Middle Years
So - do you have any go-to gifts for this Holiday season?  Or one I should add to my list for next year?

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