Tuesday, November 8, 2011

He's Home!

I have started this post several times over the last 5 months, but today it is official.

My little brother is home from deployment!

Christopher has been gone for 486 days.  He has been in Korea for more than an entire year, 16+ months spent in another country.  I have trouble expressing what Christopher's involvement in the Armed Forces means to me, and our family. I am not sure how to properly put our feelings into words. I tried to make a list, but I know that it is lacking so many things.  I'm going to go with it as a start, and know that it's just the tip of my heart.

  • how proud we are that he is so dedicated so our country
  • how ecstatic I am that he is now safely in Fort Drum, NY where is safe
  • even with the wonders of Skype, how much he has missed
  • the enormous relief that he is no longer in danger from North Korean Nationals
  • a need to hug my brother, and never let go

Christopher and I have not always been the closest of siblings, I will freely admit that.  Shoot, he's 3 years younger than me, and a giant pain in the ass (if I'm being honest). But not having him here, and explaining and sharing moments of our day and lives over Skype, Text, Facebook, and the Phone has brought us so much closer.

After several failed attempts to have him home, the fact that he is finally here is an amazing feeling.  I would have loved to have had him home for a whole week in July to join in our family vacation to Maine.  At one point, he would have been home to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  But now, to know that he will be home for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, means more than anything. 

I am so proud of you soldier, you are an amazing little brother.  I am thankful for the sacrifices you have made for our country, the men you have stood by in the worst of times, and the man you have become.  it means the world to me that you are finally in the same time-zone, and I can't wait for a hug - 486 days is a long time to wait <3

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  1. Welcome home to your brother! Thank you to him for his service and your family for your sacrifice!


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