Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Challenge: days 5 - 9

Day 5: High Angle
From the top of the 2 story escalator at the Hilton Orlando for our Hampton Conference 

Day 6: Low Angle
On the Autumn level with our cutie pie god daughter! 

Day 7: Fruit
(This is pathetic, but there was zero fruit in our house) So, I remembered from 4th grade health class, that a tomato is a fruit.  Here is my exceptionally sad, partially dead, tomato plant 

Day 8: Bad Habit
Merrymead Ice Cream - I could really eat this entire half gallon in one sitting.  Okay, Okay, maybe two sittings! It is absolutely a downfall though, as it's obviously sitting on my counter in this photo, ready to be eaten! 

Day 9: Someone You Love
My husband and My God daughter.  I know it's two people, but it's just an even larger amount of love! 

 See you next week~ 

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  1. Autumn is too cute!

    P.S. When I'm home sometime, and you have a free weekend, we need to go to Merrymead. Can you believe that I have never been there?!?


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