Monday, October 3, 2011

do you know?

**EDIT** This is the most comprehensive website that I have found to date with regard to the ribbon colors and their meanings.  I just wanted to put it out there ase a great resource.

Now, for the real reason behind this post.  I know that everyone suffers their own trials and tribulations throughout life.  Some more publicly than others, some more severe than others.  I have to admit that one of Kevin's favorite fundraisers/organizations is Livestrong.  I'd say that the Livestrong logo is one of the more well known logos when it comes to cancer, fundraising, and support.  We both have these bracelets, although Kevin has given several away to residents at work, friends, and family - so he's probably on his third or fourth.
via Childrens Austin

Do you know what this symbol stands for? 

via US Dept of Education
Autism Awareness - another one that I think I see relatively frequently, and most people understand.

How about this one? 

via Flag and Banner

The Yellow Ribbon Project for our armed forces - thank god for this organization, and I'll admit, it's one that hits home for me on a daily basis. 

But, do you know what this stands for? 
via American Kids
It's a gold ribbon, for childhood cancer. 

Do you know what this stands for? 

via Penn State Mont Alto
It's the Penn State THON logo - FTK (For The Kids)  

How about this one? 
via lccure

Lung Cancer.

While all of these symbols may not mean something to you, I'm willing to bet that they mean something to the person that has one pinned to their shirt, a magnet on their car, or tattooed on their arm.  If there is a symbol that's important to you, leave me a link below - I'd love to do a post recognizing all of the symbols (even though I know that's next to impossible). 

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    The purple ribbon is the awareness ribbon for pancreatic cancer, the disease my uncle died from, and the reason I started my blog.

    On a much happier note, I'm enjoying your photo challenge posts and I hope you keep them coming!


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