Friday, September 30, 2011

October: 30 Day Photography Challenge!

Two posts in one day, wow - I'm going to outdo myself this week :)

Thanks to Jenna at That Wife, I found out about a 30 day photography challenge that is being led by Our Wired Lives.  I decided to participate, and am hoping that this will motivate me to dedicate some more time to blogging as well as photography. 

I know I won't be the most accomplished or professional person participating, but I'm excited to take myself outside of my comfort level and see what I'm capable of! I'm hoping that with all of the ladies participating, I'll be able to get some great feedback and really bring myself to another level.

My little Nikon <3 Here goes nothing!
Check out the more than 60 bloggers participating - all of whom are listed here.  I think this whole project will be super beneficial for someone else too, who would like to learn to take better photos for Etsy this year :) And what better way to improve your photography than to learn some new techniques, right?!


  1. Great to have you on the challenge! I am definitely looking to take some risks with my photos and learn some as well. Glad to have others to do it with.

  2. Can't wait to see your pictures!!


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