Monday, August 29, 2011

**Lucky Ducks**

We really were quite lucky this weekend in Eastern, Pa.  I had to work all weekend, and the thought of damn Irene damaging our amazing hotel was really hard for me.  We prepared as much as we could for ourselves, our guests, and our families and hoped for the best.

image via thedieline

Aside from two small power outages, it was actually just like the world's worst rain storm. So I'm going to stick with thinking about how lucky we were that none of my friends, family, or staff were hurt.  The damages are still a little frustrating, we're going to have to spend lots of money on landscaping to remove and replace some trees, fencing, and plants.

Sticking with my Lucky Ducks theme today, let's talk about Jessica at Jessica Lynn Writes. (Yes, I'm aware that was the worst transition ever) She was doing a Pasta Dinner Giveaway last week, and since I'm a super fan of pasta (aka quick dinners), I entered.  And dudes, I WON! Hence me being a lucky duck.  Funny, right? no? Okay, just funny to me. So, I'll be sure to write a post about my package once I receive it! I am so excited to make a great dinner (or several).  She's sending 4 jars of sauce, a canvas bag, apron, and spoon!

Hope all of you made it out of the storm safely!

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  1. I'm so thankful everyone in PA is safe. I was a bit concerned after I saw your pictures on Facebook .

    As for your lucky duck statement, all I want to know is, when should Mike and I plan on being at your house for dinner?? :)


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