Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl

Today is my best friend's birthday!!!! Time to Celebrate! Well, it is for her at least - she's off today, and she gets to go to Aruba this weekend.  Not that I'm jealous or anything, more like super duper excited for her!

So, "ica" here are 26 things that I found that remind me of you.  Some of these things I see everyday, and they make me smile.  Some of them I found online just for this project.  I Love You birthday girl, enjoy every moment of your day!



Monday, August 29, 2011

**Lucky Ducks**

We really were quite lucky this weekend in Eastern, Pa.  I had to work all weekend, and the thought of damn Irene damaging our amazing hotel was really hard for me.  We prepared as much as we could for ourselves, our guests, and our families and hoped for the best.

image via thedieline

Aside from two small power outages, it was actually just like the world's worst rain storm. So I'm going to stick with thinking about how lucky we were that none of my friends, family, or staff were hurt.  The damages are still a little frustrating, we're going to have to spend lots of money on landscaping to remove and replace some trees, fencing, and plants.

Sticking with my Lucky Ducks theme today, let's talk about Jessica at Jessica Lynn Writes. (Yes, I'm aware that was the worst transition ever) She was doing a Pasta Dinner Giveaway last week, and since I'm a super fan of pasta (aka quick dinners), I entered.  And dudes, I WON! Hence me being a lucky duck.  Funny, right? no? Okay, just funny to me. So, I'll be sure to write a post about my package once I receive it! I am so excited to make a great dinner (or several).  She's sending 4 jars of sauce, a canvas bag, apron, and spoon!

Hope all of you made it out of the storm safely!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Game, Let's Eat!

A much delayed birthday gift was finally delivered to my awesome Sister in Law and her husband this past weekend.  Some fun in DC, plus tickets to the Phillies/Nationals game! 

It was a great mini-vacation, and some great food, great booze, and even greater company was just awesome! Throw in a Phillies win, and a Hunter Pence shout-out (yeah right field!) 

I didn't take many photos outside of the Phils game - partially to blame on the large amount of walking, also because I didn't drag the big camera around with us to dinner, lunch, the Smithsonian, etc. 

My awesome brother in law, pre-game, post pre-gaming :) 

This sign was awesome! If you can't read it - it says Welcome to Citizens Bank Park South

Hunter Pence imitation outfit (plus a yard of margarita)

The inspiration to the outfit above
 Yeah, I'd say that we need to plan more weekends like this - preferably one where my best friend will actually be home, since DC is so so so so very close to her

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is the 5 minute recap of our vacation to Maine: 

We ate lobster 4 times, visited the pie lady twice, hiked more than 18 miles, rode bikes for more than 12 miles, drank 4 cases of beer, 2 cases of wine/champagne, and I took almost 800 photos.  Some of my favorites are included below - but maybe someday I'll do a day-by-day post for anyone who is interested. 

 I would love to live in this house - the cute inset flower boxes in the stone wall out front were awesome! We saw these 5 or 10 times while we were there, and it made me smile every time! 

  A happy Jon and a happy Bubba! Picking up lobsters on our first night there! Who knew some of the best lobsters would come from the Getty? 
Can you name this location? I'll give you a clue - that's a POND behind us! 

 Our awesome family, minus Boy Wonder, on top of Eagle Cliffs! This was a beautiful hike, with some rough Granite slabs to slide/shuffle/hike down.  Views like this, were so worth it though! 

Who needs the tourist trap that is "Thunder Hole" when there is a great hole like this at Otter Cliffs?! 

 Deb at Thuya Gardens - this is part of the institution that is visiting Maine with my parents/Frankels.  Add in some champagne, and a Christmas card photo-op, and it was a wonderful afternoon! 
The light house was one of my favorite photos from this trip - although it required some precarious positioning with the camera, and avoiding falling in the ocean or a tide pool! 

I can't wait to go back again, although that long drive may need to wait 2 or 3 years before I brave it again! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Phillies Take Pittsburgh

A short (haha) drive to Pittsburgh was so worth it for the weekend we got to spend with our god daughter!! 

We got to take the cutie pie to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, for ice cream at Remember When in McKee's Rocks, and to the Pirates/Phils game! I have to admit, it was a packed, but wonderful weekend! 

They have dairy free, sugar free, something for kiddies - this is the bambino cone - which was almost as cute as the little girl eating it! 

This photo reminds me of The Hangover, and is the most adorable representation of Kevin in 10 years! hehe - kidding - sort of 

Autumn loved the fishes, since she could get so close-up to them.  She had a great time with her mommy, daddy, god mommy, and god daddy! 

The stadium at night, just before the fire works! 
I could probably be convinced to make that crappy 5 hour drive again if it meant I got to spend 2 great days with such a cutie!